The Widow Next Door


I was an impressionable preteen when Mrs. Hitchcock moved into the vacant house next door. She was an attractive woman that looked much younger than her 52-years. It didn’t take long for the nosey busybodies to find out that her husband had died of pancreatic cancer and her economic situation required her to reduce her standard of living. She had to move into a modest bungalow.

I was fascinated by her and made my first visit to her house shortly after she settled in. I introduced myself to her when she opened the door as Jenifer, her next-door neighbor. I told her about my parents and that I was 12-years-old. She told me that it was nice to meet me and her name was Elsa Hitchcock. She invited me in and asked me what she could do for me. I told her that I wanted to be her friend.

She smiled and gave me a hug: “I was about to brew a cup of coffee. Would you like a glass of milk?”

“Yes ma’am”

She ushered me into her kitchen/dining area. She poured me a glass of milk and placed it on the table in front of me and started her coffee machine. It didn’t take long for the machine to brew and fill her coffee mug. She sat at the table next to me and thanked me for the company. I told her about the families in the neighborhood, and she told me about herself.

She had married while attending college and they had a comfortable living until cancer took her husband. She had two daughters: one was married and living with her own family in another state. The younger daughter was away at college. She was very proud that during her life she had collected antique furniture. When she had to downsize, she had to sell a lot of her collection but she saved the best of her collection. When we finished our refreshments, she proudly showed me her home. I can’t say that I appreciated why anyone would pay such exorbitant prices for such elaborately carved furniture. Just the same we seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Over the next few months, we became close friends. I began to spend more time next-door than at home.

I began to help her clean the house on a regular basis. Mondays was the laundry day and when we changed the bedding, I always noticed that her sheets smelled of perfume. Cleaning silver was a regular chore because silver blackens so quickly.

While we cleaned the house, we talked about a variety of subjects ranging from movies to politics. It was inevitable that we started to discuss personal relationships. Elsa asked me questions about my friends and school. My best friend was a girl named Diana Domani. She is Italian and a party Polish- American who is very pretty. I envy her ability to achieve a perfect tan.

She asked me about boys, but I sloughed it off with a simple statement that I didn’t care for boys.

During our discussions she told me about her husband, she told me that they had married young and he was an adequate lover but all too often he orgasmed too quickly to bring her to orgasm. As his health failed him often, he was unable to even get an erection. She admitted that she was required to masturbate and she hinted that there were ways to satisfy herself without saying what it was.

When it became summer doing the cleaning became sweaty work. I would come over wearing just shortie T-shirt and cut-off jeans. When I went next door and let myself in, I often found Elsa in the kitchen where we would talk. She even taught me to appreciate the rich smell and taste of good coffee.

One such morning when I entered the house, I found her in the living room cleaning the carpet with a carpet sweeper. She was wearing a simple little house dress that barely covered her ample breasts and the hem of her dress revealed a lot of her thigh. I don’t think she noticed that I was in the room until I said good morning. At that moment she had been bent over at the waist and was running the sweeper under the sofa. As she did so her dress rode up far enough to fully expose her butt.

I was surprised to see that she was not wearing panties. From my vantage point I was impressed by her wide butt and the view I had of her asshole with her puffy vulva and brown labia in full view. I felt uncomfortable and guilty because I felt sexually stimulated by the sight of her ass.

When I cleared my throat, it startled Elsa and she stood up quickly. She calmed down quickly and handed me the carpet sweeper. I took over sweeping the carpet. I even squatted down to get under the sofa. I was well aware that by doing so that my tight low-rise cutoffs would ride down and the white panties along with the crack of my ass would be exposed. I didn’t look back to see if Elsa was checking out my butt. When I finish sweeping the carpet, I helped her finished dusting. Nothing was said about me seeing her butt.

I was distracted by visions of Elsa’s butt all day. That night I lay in bed masturbating to visions of her butt. I was so stimulated I eventually fell asleep while masturbating for the fourth time.

The next day I went next door early and found Elsa in the kitchen making her breakfast and she asked me if I had eaten. When I said no, she told me to have a seat and she would prepare a plate for me. When we finished eating, we were sipping coffee and talking. Elsa’s face got serious: “I know you saw that I was not wearing panties yesterday, did it bother you?”

I was blushing like a fool and said: “I never expected to see you like that!”

She laughed: “I enjoy the feel of a cool breeze on my naked crotch occasionally. Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman’s body before?”

I sputtered in embarrassment before I said: “I have accidently seen my mother changing after her bath a few times by accident. She is a modest church going woman.”

Elsa smiled: “I am not the modest type. I enjoy nudity when the mood strikes me. She added: “I even sometimes go shopping without underwear on.”

“Really” She just smiled mischievously, and lifted the front of her dress and showed me that she was not wearing panties.

Seeing her crotch and the small triangle of trimmed pubic hair on her vulva I could tell she shaved and trimmed her bush. She placed her right hand down there and spread her pussy open to show me what her vagina looked like. When she finished playing with herself, she waved her fingers under her own noise.

I stood there blushing like a child, as she said: “Think about what you saw for a couple of days. If you decide that you would like to learn more about the ways women can please women and let me know!”

I got excited and blurted out: “I masturbated four times last night thinking about you!” Elsa gave me a sweet smile, picked me up bodily and hugged me while kissing me. I could feel her breasts and nipples poking against my belly. She carried me to the sofa and sat me down as she pulled the shorty Tee-shirt up and over her head. She stepped back stared at me. It made me nervous.

She said: “I just wanted to admire what you look like. There is nothing more beautiful than the body of a girl blossoming into womanhood!” Then she took hold of the front of my cutoff jeans and toughed on them until all five buttons popped open revealing my tiny white hip hugger panties. The crotch of my panties was already moist and I could already smell the pungent odor of my own pussy. Elsa stood in front of me and slipped her fingers under the waistband of my jeans and panties before peeling them both at the same time. She pulled them free of my feet. She paused as if she was afraid to touch me.

I sat there on the sofa watching Elsa as she reached behind her back and pulled down the zipper of her dress. It was an erotic show, almost a striptease performance. There was something so sexually stimulating watching her slip her arms out of the quarter sleeves off her shoulders before she pushed the dress down her curvaceous body. Her large breasts spilled out of the dress like milk ladened utters. She struggled to push the dress over her wide hips. I felt like I would never tire of seeing her crotch. The little triangles of evenly trimmed dark pubic hairs was her badge of womanhood. Her clitoris protruded from her labia majora looking very much like the male penis of an infant. When she turned her back to me, I marveled at the perfection of her plump round butt. I also noticed that her body had an even tan all over. There was no tell tail evidence if she ever wearing a bikini while developing her olden tan. As she stepped out of the dress her legs were the muscular legs of a skier. Her toenails were painted the same as her fingernails a natural pink with quarter-moon cuticles. She raced me and knelt on the floor between my legs. I was brought back to reality.

I watched her spread my legs and she started kissing my inner thighs switching back and forth from tight to left legs working her way closer to my pussy. I was almost crying before she actually kissed it. I even begged her to kiss my pussy. She did things with her tongue that drove me crazy. She brought me to the brink of an orgasm. I just could not get over the edge, it was becoming a delicious torture. I was begging her to make me cum. At that moment she stuck the index finger of her right hand up my anus. The shock of what she did distracted me and it was like a damn braking and my body convulsed and quivered. It felt like I was peeing. When I returned to normal, I felt spent and relaxed. When I opened my eyes, Elsa was looking up at me with her face covered with the slimy bodily fluid.

Elsa placed her hands on my thighs as she lifted herself up to a standing position before she sat next to me. She turned her body towards me and kissed me with tongue. I could smell and taste my own cum all over her face. As she lay back resting her head against the right armrest of the sofa and pulled me with her. I was laying on top of her body. She placed her left leg over the back of the soda and her right foot was planted on the floor.

Laying on top of her I could feel her warmth and her heart beating. I was overcome with emotions. I covered her face with wet kisses before I moved down to suck and nibble on her tits and nipples. She was the one to let me know when she wanted me to go down on her. I slid down on her body until I was face to face with her glorious cunt. I ate her pussy like a starving animal. While I was sucking on her enlarged clitoris. She was talking to me the whole time. She was telling what to do and extolling my skill. After she experienced her orgasm and we recovered, we bathed together before we dressed. She sent me home with a kiss.

I was thrilled with every visit. We sunbathed in her backyard naked almost every day working on our tans before making love in her home.

One morning my mother told me over breakfast that my father had been asked to attend a meeting at the Omaha home office and that she wanted to go with him and spend a week sightseeing. She asked me if I would mind staying home with Elsa. I could hardly contain my excitement. She added that she had asked Elsa and she was thrilled to have your company for a week. I was so excited that I could hardly wait for Friday of their departure.

As soon as I saw them off, I was moved in with Elsa. We slept together that night. I felt like I was married to her. She even fucked me with that enlarged clit. She even tongue fucked my asshole. It was only a matter of a couple days before I worked up the nerve to rim her asshole. Once I tied it, I was rimming her ass as much as I was eating her pussy.

When Mom and Dad got home, the following morning Mom asked me if I had a good time with Elsa. My cheeks felt warm as I assured her that I had a good time. Mother grabbed my hands across the table: “I know you had a good time! I had my own Elsa when I was your age. Your great-aunt Charlie was my Elsa. She taught me everything I needed to know about sex. I thought I was so clever keeping it secret from my mother until my mother sat me down and told me all about what Charlie had been doing with each other.”

I almost panicked; “How long have you known?”

Mom smiled: “I knew the first morning I did the laundry and smelled your panties. They smelled of her perfume and the dried smell of yours and hers cum. I’m not reproaching you, honey. Everyone should have an Elsa in their lives to teach them all about the ways to enjoy sex.?

I felt so vulnerable and helpless. I had no idea what my mother going to do. She took me by the hand and walked me next door. Elsa was sitting at her breakfast table sipping coffee in one of her little dresses. She asked: “What can I do for you? Can I offer you a cup of coffee?”

Mom said; ‘Yes Please.” While we sat at the cozy glass topped table, Elsa got up and brought two mugs and the coffee urn to the tale. After Mom and I took our first sip, Elsa asked: “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company this morning.”

Mom said: “I wanted to let you know that I have known about why Jenifer spends so much time over there. I just wanted to thank you for being so sweet to my baby. Would you be interested in including me into your bed as well?” I almost pissed my pants when I heard my mother ask Elsa if she would like the two of us in her bed. Elsa remained cool as she took a sip before answering: “Before or after we finish our coffee?”

There was some snickering before we put our mugs on the sink and the two of them escorted me to the bedroom. It was a dizzying blur as the two of them undressed me and each other. I was in a constant state of arousal with the two of them constantly kissing and sucking on every opening of my body.

After I had exhausted my ability to have another orgasm, they took turns sitting on my face and rubbing their cunts and assholes against my face while kissing each other. After that day I set about seducing my girlfriends and introducing them to Elsa and Mom.

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